Little Shasta Ranch

Stan and Libby Sears
Montague, California

Little Shasta Ranch has deep roots in Siskiyou County where Stan Sears has been a rancher for over 50 years. Stan can clearly recount his family’s history there from his great-great grandmother’s birth in Yreka in 1862.

Over the years, Stan has made innovative changes that improved the efficiency of ranch operations, making it better for his animals. He takes advantage of lower elevation pastures in the winter that generally produces sufficient feed for his herd, and supplements with his own hay that he puts up in the summer months. This worked to his advantage, especially during the on-going California drought that left resources scarce.

Stan joined Country Natural Beef in 2004. He is proud to be a member of a group with a high level of animal husbandry practices, and great animal-health program where animals produce higher than average genetics.