Grazewell: Climate-smart beef backed by science

Love beef, but worried about its impact on the climate? So are we. That’s why we created Grazewell, the nation’s largest climate-friendly beef program. By 2025, Grazewell’s climate-smart practices will cover 6.5 million acres in 9 western states. When you choose Grazewell beef, you can trust that the meat you’re enjoying is from cattle produced with the climate — and our collective future — in mind.

How is our beef different?

All beef production emits greenhouse gases. But with a few simple tweaks to how they manage cattle, our ranchers are showing that those emissions can be reduced or offset. If you visit a Grazewell ranch, you’ll see ranchers moving cattle from pasture to pasture to give the grass and soil a rest from grazing. New shoots poke through the soil, drawing carbon dioxide from the air and storing it in the ground. You’ll see a diversity of plants — good for cattle and for wildlife. You’ll see water treated like the valuable resource it is: conserved and shared with plants, wildlife and people. It’s a holistic approach that treats rangelands as part of the ecosystem, rather than apart from it.

A science-based approach

Grazewell practices are backed by scientific research. Take carbon sequestration: studies show that every acre managed Grazewell-style can tuck 1 to 4 metric tons of CO2 into the ground. To make sure we live up to our commitments, our ranchers work with rangeland scientists, conservationists and auditors to measure progress. So you can be sure that the beef you’re eating really does benefit the climate.

Good for the planet, good for your taste buds

Grazewell beef is the tried and true climate-smart choice. But it’s also the tastiest choice. With every juicy bite, you’re helping protect the climate and supporting your regional economy. Doing good never tasted so good. 


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