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We’re a network of forward-thinking ranchers united by a common philosophy: Leave the land better than you found it.

Who we are

"Over the past 36 years, Country Natural Beef has grown to become the largest ranching cooperative in the western US. We’re about 100 member ranches in 9 Western states. Together we’ve worked together to create premium marketing opportunities for a trusted network of ethical ranch families who are focused on preserving our natural resources and open spaces for the next generation of producer and consumer alike."


Stewardship – It’s our responsibility to care for our natural resources, animals and people.

Family-based agriculture – Plays a critical role in the foundation of strong rural communities.

Innovation – Progress and continuous improvement of ranch management.

Integrity – We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.


- No antibiotics - No hormones for the life of the animal

- Cattle fed a vegetarian diet

- Pasture Raised - GAP Certified

- All ranches onboarded into Grazewell (regenerative ranching program) by 2025

“Our goal is to provide robust marketing opportunities for members by providing a premium quality and process verified product to customers who value producers who do the right things for the right reasons...for people, land and livestock.”
- Tylor Braden, CEO, Country Natural Beef

Grazewell: Climate-Smart Beef Backed by Science

All beef production emits greenhouse gasses. But with a few simple tweaks to how we manage cattle, our ranches are showing that those emissions can be reduced or offset. But carbon can not be the only metric, that’s why we’ve developed a more holistic and regenerative ranching program called Grazewell. The program  focuses on productivity, biodiversity, energy, and water cycles. Grazewell holds our ranchers to a standard of management practices that better mimic natural processes. To help support our Ranchers regenerative ranching practices, in 2023 we were awarded a 5 year study - 10M USDA Climate Smart Grant with our partners at Sustainable Northwest.