Regenerative Ranching Pioneers


World-class beef that treads lightly on the land

We’re a network of forward-thinking ranchers united by a common philosophy: Leave the land better than you found it.

Over the past 36 years, Country Natural Beef has grown to become the largest ranching cooperative in the western US. Our 100 members — and counting — in 9 states represent the best of the West. Over the years, we’ve honed practices that improve soil, protect streams, draw more carbon dioxide out of the air, and raise healthy, happy cows across 6.5 million acres. By managing every part of the system synergistically — soil, water, plants and animals — we work with Mother Nature rather than against her. You can see the difference on the landscape, and you can taste the difference on your plate.

A lot has changed since 1986. Rangelands are drier, water is scarcer, and the climate is changing fast. Caring for the land, air and water must become the norm rather than the exception, and that’s what we’re doing with regenerative ranching. The future of our communities, our food systems and rural economies — here in the West and around the world — depend on a new way of operating, and that’s Grazewell.

Whether you raise beef, eat it or sell it, we welcome you to the Country Natural Beef community. Together, we can create a better, more sustainable future for the land, for cattle and for ourselves.