Join Our Co-op


  • Largest independent beef co-op in the nation
  • 36 years of history
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Networking with the most forward thinking ranchers in the industry
  • Long term, mutually beneficial and transparent relationships with ranchers, partners, and customers.
  • Product attributes that are good for the land, livestock and people and are desired by our customers.
  • Everyone is heard in the decision making process.
Member Benefits

  • Stable pricing
  • Meat company
  • Customer connections
  • Carcass data
  • Feeding data
  • Your voice is heard
  • Long Term relationships
  • Genetic flexibility
  • Further education
  • Share your story
  • Networking
  • Family ranches

How to Join

We’d love to have you in the Co-op and are excited to add more family ranches - like yours - into our program.

"Being a member of the Country Natural Beef cooperative is a powerful tool. Some of the greatest benefits of being a member ranch are networking with other ranchers that strive to continually improve their operations and learning their tips and tricks, and stability in pricing knowing we will continually get a premium over the market for our product. Being part of a meat company we have more control over our pricing and have close relationships with our end consumers allowing us to share our story and know what the consumer is looking for.  The ability to get all of our carcass data and feeding performance on the cattle has really helped with our genetic selections and build a better herd."

~ Alec Oliver, CNB Rancher