The Warnock Ranches

Dan and Jo Warnock | Randy and Jeanne Warnock | Clint and Cassie Johnson
Maupin, Oregon

The Warnock family first showed up in Oregon in 1879, having come in a wagon train from Abilene, Kansas with a few horses and very little money. Nancy, the tough mother of nine, having lost her husband in the historic Chapman Creek flood, was persuaded by her six sons to come to Wallowa County and begin ranching. With that, the family traditions of hard work, resilience, and adaptability were established.

In the last 68 years, generations of Warnock’s have grown the operation to include land in central Oregon, a larger Sumpter ranch and more numbers of livestock supporting the extended families. They are now Warnock Ranches! They hope to continue to grow their family business to provide good beef for increasing numbers of folk, long into the future. The Warnock’s’ are also one of our cooperative’s founding families.