Sumpter, OR

The Defrees Ranch is a Certified Century Ranch purchased in 1908 by Jacob J. Defrees and wife Mary Jennette Wisler Defrees. Today, the family’s third, fourth, and fifth generations operate the ranch and call it home. About 470 acres of Defrees Ranch property has been in the family continuously for over 100 years. The remainder has been in the family for over 50 years.

They breed their livestock to truly thrive on the ranch environment. The Defrees take pride in closely monitoring their health, feed quality and quantity, thermal environment, clean water supply, handling techniques, and freedom from stresses. They work diligently to maintain a healthy and sustainable surrounding forest, monitor and maintain soil and water quality, and minimize risks of forest fires, tree diseases, and noxious weeds. Aside from being able to continue their sustainable practices, they hope to keep the ranch and land in the family for generations.