We're Getting Transparent & Invite You To Listen

We're Getting Transparent & Invite You To Listen

When over 100 family ranches that are committed to sustainability and animal welfare come together, something special happens. And that’s exactly what Country Natural Beef cooperative is, something special. The ranchers own and manage the cooperative. They are the suppliers, managers and decision makers. With a group this large, one can imagine the varying opinions on just about every topic. That’s why it’s always so exciting when we get a chance to talk about our cooperative and have the hard conversations surrounding our industry.

Marketing Director Dan Probert and Manager Becky Faudree visited with Neil Dudley of Pederson’s Natural Farms podcast. During the podcast, the three explore an honest conversation about the values of being USDA organic versus being focused on truly regenerative agriculture. Does grass-fed mean an animal is pasture-raised and never sees a feedlot? How do you define animal welfare standards that will please a majority of both producers, consumers and activists? With both Dan having served on the Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) board of directors and Becky serving as Executive Director, they have first hand knowledge of what it looks like to bring Step 4 Pasture Raised certified beef to the shelves of grocery stores.

Check out this transparent conversation as Dan, Becky and Neil get real about what it takes to bring about real change, lead with diplomacy and grow a successful business.

Find the full podcast here at: Pederson's Podcast: Powered by Protein & Country Natural Beef

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