Holistic Efforts in Action, Not Just Chasing a Buzzword

Holistic Efforts in Action, Not Just Chasing a Buzzword

“A negative impact will be much quicker noticed and much longer lived than a positive impact,” Alec says. “It’s just that much more important to pay attention to what you’re doing and what implications are there with your actions.”
Country Natural Beef's very own Membership IP, Alec Oliver, received the distinguished award of being named the 2021 Agriculturist of the Year from Oregon Aglink. The presentation took place on November 19th at Oregon Aglink's Denim and Diamonds Annual Awards dinner and auction. 
As the Membership IP, Alec spends a lot of time calling and visiting with all the ranchers in our cooperative - not to mention the time he spends talking with potential members explaining the history of our cooperative, our values & principles and how we operate as a whole. Suffice to say he spends a lot of time talking to other people about their ranches. 
But all this doesn't take him away from his own ranch, Oliver Ranch, which he manages with his small yet mighty crew of family, a foreman and of course cow dogs. In fact, he uses the experience of talking to so many unique ranchers to give perspective and motivation. Something many others in the industry have noticed. 
His nomination called out both his external service to the industry and his "rooted determination, keen intellect, and visionary leadership" on his own ranch. Characteristics we believe he is truly worthy of.


These characteristics also contribute to his success as a leader of our cooperative. His ability to look at a ranch as an individual ecosystem where everything must work together to thrive is key to continuing our cooperative's legacy of being progressive ranchers and gives us the foundation we need to succeed in the future. 

 We are extremely proud of all his hard work, both for our cooperation and on his own ranch, and feel lucky to have him as a leader in our cooperative!




To learn more about Oregon Aglink and the Agriculturist of the Year award, head to Aglink's website and the write up on Alec. 

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