Healthy Habitats for Cattle, Wildlife, Plants, and People

Healthy Habitats for Cattle, Wildlife, Plants, and People

Greetings from the crew at Southworth Bros Ranch!

"I think a lot about what I want to share with you in pictures about our ranch in eastern Oregon. What it comes down to is that I want to reassure you that we are about creating healthy habitats for cattle, people, wildlife and plants on this ranch. When we find ways to make decisions that benefit all four of those things simultaneously it helps ensure that the beef we produce for you is about as good and healthy as been can get.
Here are some examples of how we accomplish this on on our ranch."

In the photo above, there's a calf nestled at the base of a Giant Wild Rye grass plant in one of our calving lots. That is good habitat for a calf less than a day old. It provides protection and the ground is clean. Combined with the milk from his mother, this calf is off to a great start in life.  


When our snow melts and our hay meadows begin to naturally flood as they do each year, swans, geese, ducks, and cranes by the hundreds and sometimes thousands pause on their way north to Canada and Alaska.

That's a healthy habitat with clean water and forage underneath to give these migratory birds a chance to catch their breath and rest their wings as they make their way north.


Below, from left to right, Trevor, Don, Lucas and Brad are in our ranch shop discussing the day's work and who is going to be doing what. Everyone has a voice and everyone's input is considered.

That's healthy habitat for people; a place where your voice matters, you are treated with respect and you are involved in something bigger than yourself that is meaningful to others: the production of healthy beef.
"What occurs to me is healthy habitat can vary in scale from a single grass plant to the migratory route of a Tundra Swan to the opinion of a single person. On this ranch all those things matter and I hope to share with you other examples of healthy habitat for cattle, wildlife, plants and people in the near future."

- Jack, Teresa and the crew at Southworth Bros
Our cooperative's principles have always been rooted deep in taking care of our animals, our lands and our people. From using progressive ranching practices to connecting with our consumers, our cooperative believes in building positive connections.

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