Country Natural Beef Whole30 Approved products are 100% compliant with the stringent requirements set forth by the Whole30 certification process. We are proud to meet the requirements of this one-of-a-kind, all-encompassing program. Being Whole30 Approved means we raise our beef without growth stimulants or antibiotics, but it goes further. 

All Whole30 Approved animal protein products must meet the qualifications for G.A.P. Certification, Certified Humane, or Animal Welfare Approved. Country Natural Beef is G.A.P. Step 4 Certified. As a result, you get healthy, pasture-raised beef that you can trust.

There’s a lot of confusion about what goes into making beef that is both good for you and good for animals. In our modern food system, even some grass-fed beef refers to cattle that have been raised in conventional feedlots, where they have little access to pasture and are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics—not exactly what most people think of when they envision a healthy diet. 

So for us, Whole30 Approved just makes sense. It’s aligned with our own beliefs, and we seek to meet the needs of our customers’ beliefs too.


Why we chose to become Whole 30 Approved

The decision to become Whole30 Approved was an easy one. We believe that when we choose our food, we should also consider how it was raised and where it came from.

We take pride in ensuring our animals are raised in a humane and natural environment. At Country Natural Beef, our cattle are pasture-raised the way nature intended. This is good for us, but it’s also great for them. We want our customers to know that when they can purchase from us, they are getting healthy grass-fed beef produced with sustainable methods.

What does it take to become Whole30 Approved?

To receive certification as Whole30 Approved, producers of animal proteins must meet specific animal welfare standards. It’s a long and comprehensive list, which we adhere to with pride. Whole30 Approved means no confinement is allowed, such as continuous tethering or tie stalls. In addition, animals must have ongoing access to the outdoors or daily pasture, comfortable resting areas, and protection from inclement weather and predators. 

Feedlots are strictly prohibited, and animals must be fed a diet that promotes nutrition and healthy body composition. Cattle cannot be given hormones or antibiotics to promote growth or as prophylactics. Animals should not be abused or neglected, including face branding, tail docking, ear notching, or de-toeing. And finally, animals are stunned before slaughter. This all makes sense to us, but sadly, few in the beef industry meet these standards today.

Like Country Natural Beef, the Whole30 program is committed to animal welfare. Our cooperative family of ranchers raises when they can purchase from ustheir animals on pasture in a way that allows them to experience life, enjoy the sunshine, graze on grasses and sleep with their herd mates. Raising livestock humanely with respect for animal welfare means that your family will be able to enjoy tasty beef without worrying about where it came from or what it was fed.

We’re committed to raising industry standards

According to a 2013 report, nearly 80 percent of all farmed animals raised in North America (and 95 percent of those raised for beef) spend their lives indoors, never seeing sunlight or fresh air. At Country Natural Beef, we use only pasture-raised cattle and sustainable farming practices, which means our cows live happy and healthy lives mostly outdoors. 

We don’t rush our cattle to market – instead, they enjoy a full life out on pasture with plenty of access to water and shelter. Industry experts have recognized our farming practices as ideal, and our approach to sustainable agriculture has been shown to improve both animal welfare and food safety.

We want to provide you with the best beef possible and pave the way for improving standards across our industry. For us, being Whole30 Approved is part of that commitment. We look forward to a healthier future for animals and humans alike.