Meat Delivery Subscription by Country Natural Beef

We’re thrilled to offer Country Natural Beef as a subscription!  You can now place one order, and rest easy at night knowing that your next delivery from Country Natural Beef is right around the corner.  A meat delivery box from CNB is quick, easy, and delicious. 

When you purchase from Country Natural Beef online, you have the option to set up a monthly subscription to any product(s) of your  choice! 

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers.  Below are some of our subscription box FAQ’s. 

How often will I get my subscription?

Your subscription is defaulted to monthly - we’re sure that once you’ve started with a monthly order, you’ll be waiting at the door on Delivery Day to get your order!  

Do you offer a subscription discount?

We love subscribers and offer a 10% discount on your subscription. Your discount will apply for each shipment! 

What’s in a subscription order?

Anything that you want! Treat yourself to a filet mignon monthly and make burgers with the family on fridays? Great! You can subscribe to both products!  You can pick as many of the products on our website as you’d like, customize a box with any of the products from our website, or subscribe to one of our curated boxes.  

Is there a shipping cost? 

If your order is $150 or greater, shipping is on us!  We offer $10 flat-rate shipping on all orders under $150. 

I feed a large group, and we love Country Natural Beef! Do you have any subscriptions for me? 

Absolutely! We’re thrilled that you love Country Natural Beef as much as we do, and we’ve curated a box of our favorites to make sure that you’re always stocked! You’ll get our Butcher’s Blend Ground Beef, New York Strip Steaks, Top Sirloins, and Hot Dogs included in your monthly box. 

There’s so many meat subscription boxes for delivery, why should I pick yours? 

We get it, there are a lot of options. Thank you for considering Country Natural Beef! We know that once you experience the Country Natural Beef for yourself, you’ll be hooked. 

Beyond that, our co-op is owned by its family ranches, meaning that your purchase directly supports rural communities and the ranchers that provide beef to your dinner table! We focus on generational sustainability and work to help keep the ranches operating for many generations yet to come. 

We’re also Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) Welfare Certified Step 4, meaning that Country Natural Beef abides by G.A.P.’s animal welfare standards.  This includes a healthy, vegetarian diet for the animals, no added hormones or antibiotics, and a safe, pasture raised environment for our farm animals.  

Environmentally friendly is important to me. How is your subscription box packaged?

We agree! There’s nothing worse than opening up a package and getting layer on layer of packaging that you have to throw away.  Each order is packed with dry ice and/or frozen gel packs and packaged in a box with a Green Cell + insulated liner. It’s compostable, dissolves in water, or burns cleanly and safely!

When will my meat subscription box orders arrive? 

After you place your first order, you’ll receive an email with your arrival date.  After that, your order will be recurring on the same timeline.  We offer 2 day shipping, and tentative arrival dates are available based on orders placed by 10 am PST. 

Can I skip a month of my subscription? 

Yes! Life happens. Maybe you have a fun vacation planned (Can we join?), or your freezer is full. No problem! You can log into your account to make that change