For 30 years, our cooperative has pledged to listen to our consumers and exceed their expectations. We set out to become Non-GMO Project Verified because we understood the desire for natural products without genetic modification and determined to pave the way for better ranching practices. In addition, our commitment to improving standards within our industry led us to pursue the rigorous process of obtaining the Non-GMO Project Verified seal. 

At our January 2016 annual meeting, Country Natural Beef ranchers voiced strong support for this goal. We are unified by our desire to provide a healthy, natural life for our cattle and protect the integrity of our lands for future generations.

Our cattle are pasture-raised, but when colder temperatures arrive, we supplement their diet as needed with a natural 100% vegetarian Non-GMO Verified feed. Our methods adhere to the highest standards possible, avoiding all genetically modified ingredients. For us, this choice is an extension of our ongoing dedication to sustainability and animal welfare.

Auditors have access to all co-op member’s animals, records, and operations throughout the year. Visits vary by season to ensure we meet all requirements. Our cattle have protection from the stress caused by heat, cold, and other weather extremes. Anyone involved in the raising of GAP Certified animals has trained accordingly. We welcome this third-party investigation into the animal farming and agricultural industry.

Over the years, some producers have chosen to breed and raise animals to promote practices that may be financially lucrative but often neglect their impact on animals. Genetic modification is not allowed by GAP Certified producers, and we agree. Everyone in our family of ranchers is Non-GMO Project Verified.

Our cooperative supports doing what is best for our animals and the future of our lands. We want to preserve this beauty for generations to come. We only serve your family what we would serve our own. 

Country Natural Beef is grateful GAP encourages ranchers and farmers to do better. While we are proud to be GAP Step 4 Certified, we are motivated by far more than these external standards. We believe in doing what is right for a healthier environment and a sustainable future.

Everyone in the Country Natural Beef cooperative family cares deeply about the integrity of the ranching process. We will continue providing the best quality beef we can produce and encouraging better animal welfare throughout the industry.

Why do we say no to using GMOs?

The safety of GMOs is unknown. We believe there simply has not been enough testing to state definitively whether or not long-term use of genetically altered ingredients is safe for animal or human consumption. However, we do know it has a detrimental environmental impact. Genetically modified feed crops have been engineered for herbicide resistance, creating so-called “superweeds.” As a result, toxic herbicide use has increased, damaging and disrupting the natural balance of our ecosystem.

Crops that are genetically engineered to kill pests when ingested have created yet another issue: “superbugs.” Insects exposed to these crops have evolved pesticide resistance. Farmers not using genetically modified seeds have increasingly needed to apply greater amounts of toxic chemicals to their plants to overcome that resistance. The results are polluting our planet. Proponents of GMOs suggest that the food they create is more nutritious. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.

Cows in a Pasture

What do you feed your cows then?

Our cattle are pasture-raised and finished with a beneficial diet of non-GMO wheat, barley, and potatoes. We believe animals should be treated humanely with proper husbandry practices and do not support the use of antibiotics or growth-stimulating hormones. We insist that our co-op members abide by all GAP Certification requirements. Compliance is confirmed every three months through independent third-party auditing, providing complete transparency in every season.

The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (NBFDS) was passed in December 2018, requiring new standards in labeling beginning January 1, 2022. As a result, certain food producers, including those in the meat industry, will be required to indicate on their label if they contain bioengineered ingredients. However, customers may unwittingly purchase GMO foods if manufacturers skirt the law by utilizing loopholes and exploiting technicalities. 

CNB’s decision to become Non-GMO Project Verified means our consumers can trust our process and make informed food decisions.

Our beef undergoes ongoing in-depth testing to certify we meet all requirements necessary to display the Non-GMO Project’s Butterfly Verification Mark on our products. The Butterfly trademark is the industry's most trusted mark of verification, and we wear it proudly.

Country Natural Beef wants consumers to be confident that our products are healthy and safe for them and their families. Therefore, we will continue to lead the quest for better animal welfare, sustainability practices, and Non-GMO products throughout the food industry. 

This promise is what sets us apart from those that continue to choose industrial farming practices to increase their profit margins despite its impact on our planet and people’s health. 

Our consumers deserve quality beef they can trust and we promise to uphold the core principles that make that possible.