About Us

Country Natural Beef got its start in 1986 when some forward-thinking ranchers, Doc and Connie Hatfield, had an idea to pool together a network of local ranchers to raise natural beef for customers. This idea would allow ranchers to remain economically viable while providing natural, sustainably raised beef to consumers. Over thirty years later, we are still deeply rooted in the philosophy of sustainability for the ranchers, the cattle and the environment.

Country Natural Beef has expanded our footprint from the Pacific Northwest to providing quality meat to customers all over the Western United States. Our growth hasn’t taken away from our primary focuses of having high animal welfare standards, being stewards of the land and giving back to our rural communities.  

Our products are certified GAP Step 4 - because we believe if you're going to do it, do it to the highest of standards. And it goes beyond animal welfare, our group of progressive are stewards of the land and believe it's our responsibility to not only take care of it but regenerate it. Leaving it better than we found it. 

Our mission is a difference you can taste, because beef tastes better when it's raised well.