Whole30 Approved

Whole30 Approved


      Country Natural Beef is proud to be a Whole30 Approved Partner!

      We want to make it easier for you on your journey to eating with awareness by providing you with products you can trust to meet Whole30 guidelines. Choosing Whole30 Approved foods includes taking care to eat proteins raised the way nature intended. Our pasture-raised beef is certified to Global Animal Partnership’s Step 4 standards. We believe this isn’t just a better life for the animal, but it’s also better for your body.

      We are proud to partner with Whole30 to bring you pasture-raised beef you can trust meets the standards of this game-changing approach to honest nutrition and how you think about the food that fuels your body.

      Meat Head Grilling Box
      “The meat is excellent and tender and awesome on the grill. We will be ordering more. It’s quick, fresh, and very tasty.”
      - Tom F.

      Beef Ribeye Steak Boneless
      “The best steak that’s ever been delivered to my front door! One of the best boneless ribeyes we’ve ever cooked, and we’ll be ordering again.”
      - Brandon M.

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